High-quality service
Portofino devoted to providing superior in-room products with an exquisite level of comfort and service of platinum quality for urban elites…
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A Paradise for Privacy and a Harbor for Spirit
Remote Intelligent System:
Portofino is your travel assistant Who takes care of your room reservation, reminds you of your agenda, meets you and sees you off at the airport, rents cars, books tickets and arranges sight-seeing tours A simple tap on your cell phone or computer, and You can easily start on your journey to Portofino.
Membership Data Management:
Membership data is kept on our intranet Guest's information, even preferences and favorites are updated on real-time basis To ensure our guests are provided with a home on the road So that they can enjoy the same warmth and familiar services in different cities
Interactive Guest Platform:
Each guestroom is equipped with an electronic message board For guests from different cities to leave and share their stories and Get to know each other in Portofino