Our advantages: 70 million membership system; efficient operating and managerial team; affluent cash flow…
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◎ Brand
Unified and integral corporate image identification system; unified national and regional branding; advertising on media and soft articles
Room reservation and hotel recommendation are available at the reception for all hotels of Portofino
Overall publicity and promotion of Portofino website (

◎ Marketing
The Central Reservation System (CRS) integrates the Internet, Call Center, SMS and WAP as hotel booking channels
Portofino hotels share the 70 million membership data throughout the intranet
Portofino website conducts multi-dimensional marketing and offers professional sales instruction and training

◎ Financing and Accounting
Superb electronic cash flow management and inventory management system
Precision budget preparation and cost control
All-round investors network management platform
Electronic centralized writing-off and financial approval system

◎ Operation
Complete franchising and consultation service
Standard service quality management system, quality improvement program and follow-up system
Flexible and professional hotel inauguration propening assistance, inauguration acceptance and consultation service for proprietary hotel operation
Analysis and instruction on operation cost control
Health, Safety and Environment (H.S.E) oriented.
Standard and aggregative central procurement channel ensures quality and best price.

◎ HR and Training
Recruitment and appointment of Hotel GM
Hotel staff recruiting and training
Advanced training and continuous learning plan of Portofino system
Mature and precise hotel management performance appraisal system

◎ Engineering Instruction
Hotel engineering planning and design
Consultation and service on engineering materials and equipment
Instructions on daily operation and maintenance of hotel facilities
Assistance in handling relevant operation certificates
On-site engineering instruction

◎ Technologies
Fiber optic broadband system design, professional IT architecture design for hotel computers, system installation and debugging
Hotel energy-saving, cost control plan and promotion throughout the network
Application of Portofino’s proprietary hotel management software
Timely remote maintenance and upgrade of computer