Five Senses
In Portofino, you will experience exquisite care in all five sense…
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Experiencing Five Senses
Sense of Smell——Aromatic plants Emit refreshing fragrances Like a cooling breeze from the sea
Sense of Taste——Coffee, wine and food Mediterranean taste is to be found everywhere
Sense of Hearing——I found my love in Portofino In mellow Italian So beautiful Romantic and fascinating
Sense of Touch——The very first contact with your room. The door handle gives you the feeling of.The warmth and smoothness of Mediterranean cities here at Portofino
Bedding——Soft, soothing and immersing Portofino endeavors to create a comfortable slumber Using the finest materials Such as feathers, silk, and cottons
Toweling——From the most comfortable toweling which is In direct contact with your body To the cleanliness and refinement of your whole bathroom Portofino cares about your concerns
Each detail in the hotel represents experiences at Portofino