Five Senses
In Portofino, you will experience exquisite care in all five sense…
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Design Concept
Guest Rooms
Relaxing tones
See-through layout
A bright open space greets your eyes
The headboard is sculptured in classic art style
The bed cover is like a pool of seawater rippling in the sun
The very first step into the room brings you a different sensory experience
Upon stepping into the lobby
You feel an incomparable dignity
The blue glass swirling design and
Its classic Italian wall sculpture of clear sea waves
Produce a seaport impression of Portofino
From the main lobby to the corridors and the lift area
Classic elements blend perfectly with the modern attributes
In a comfortable urban holiday style ambience
All Day Dining Restaurant
Amber is the soul in the restaurant design
Bringing warmth and golden tones into the room
Its crystal ripple curtain is a main design element
That serves as partition to different zones
The swirling patterned floor and ceilings
Echo the feeling of small seaport town
And a gold radiating marble tabletop highlights the space
Fitness Centre
Unique and modern decoration
Elegant surroundings and
User-friendly fitness equipment
Help to relax your body and soul and
Keep your fatigued physique fit and healthy