Brand Story
Portofino Hotel originates from the Italian town of Portofino…
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Brand Story
First Charm
To my peers I am highly successful
But it can also be tiring this busy life
So I desire those moments of tranquility and escape
To rediscover my soul and the meaning of life

Reviewing Roman Holiday one day
I was moved again by the purity of love
The love that blossomed between Princess Ann and Joe Bradley
I then followed in their footsteps
To explore the freedom of their loving soul…


Meeting the Soul
Portofino at first glimpse was to me
A beautiful water color painting, where
Houses were pink and orange
The sea was blue and warm, and
Scattered with white sailboats…

By sheer luck or by fate
A butterfly brooch caught my attention
And the storekeeper gave me a moving account of
The story behind Roman Holiday…
Feeling regret for their missed love but touched by the life-long waiting
It was then realized
Dignity is not dependent on luxury, and
Happiness is not based on possessions
Meeting the Soul

With the brooch in hand
I experienced a romantic encounter
Strolling upward to take in the full view of the town
I saw the orange embrace the azure, and
My heart softened and purified

Discovering Portofino
One day, buried in the bustling city
I was awoken by a familiar tune
Following the rhythm
I pushed open the door and found
The same quietness, freedom and purity
Picking up the butterfly brooch
I saw, all of a sudden
Time flowing backwards and I felt a current of warmth filling my heart…

I fell in love with Portofino ever since
Each time I arrived in a city, I would seek her shelter
Away from noise and bustle and savoring her quietness
My heart softened in Portofino, and
Rather than conquer the world any more
I want to enjoy life's simple pleasures instead