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Portofino has its headquarter in Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Industry Zone, which lies on the new axis of Guangzhou City. Innovation oriented and centered on the theme of premium private hotel service, Portofino adheres to the tenet of Equality, Mutual Benefit and Joint Prosperity and pursues modern high quality hotel services on the basis of diverse businesses and scientific hotel management.
Portofino enjoys favorable external environment and adopts scientific management mechanism to cultivate an enterprising and creative team of high quality professionals and management staffs, who lead and promote the strategic transformation of the hotel’s profiting mode, enhance the competitiveness and added value of the hotel business and achieve perfect combination of social effect, industrial outcome and enterprise profit to make its contribution to the development of China’s hotel service.
No 1, TIT Creative Industry Zone, No 397,
Xingang Central Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R.C
Tel: (86) 20 3448 5688